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Kevin has had two careers: the first as a professional cyclist, and the second as a personal and business development professional. He would say he is primarily a writer and business developer, but his muse is – and has always been – striving to inspire people to live out a higher potential. He is often labeled a “serial entrepreneur.” Kevin sees True Life Alliance as a culmination of all he cares about and believes in.

For over three years, Kevin has been host of the top ranked business podcast in iTunesThe Ziglar Show – Inspiring True Performance, where he has conversations with today’s top influencers to understand what took them from ordinary to extraordinary. In each episode, he showcases their journey from inspiration to aspiration to achievement, and he also has them share their daily habits for health. This role provides a vast and lucrative network amongst the top business and health podcasts globally that True Life Alliance is leveraging to make an impact on health in America.Kevin joined Randy in the True Life Medicine clinic to create a membership practice so Randy could dive deep with patients who wanted to treat root cause health issues instead of managing symptoms.

Unlike Randy, Kevin has not one iota of “formal” education beyond high school. His business education came from his upbringing, leaders like Zig Ziglar, and the school of trial and error. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Functional Medicine (he just printed it off the internet) from working five days a week with Randy for the past three years.

Personal Interests:
Kevin has nine children and a grandson. He lives 9,200 feet above sea level in Pikes Peak National Forest, in a 4,800 square foot house made of straw bales that he and his family built. Big joys are beach vacations with his wife, being with his family at home, trail running, mountain biking, and cooking. His personal food pyramid has a foundation of strong, rich coffee, some natural foods thrown in the middle, and topped off with dry, red wine. And…chocolate.



Randy earned his Bachelor’s degree in History and Foreign Service from Baylor University, and his Master’s in German Language and Literature through Middlebury College. Deciding he didn’t want to be a history professor after all, Randy went on to earn his MD from the University of Kansas in 1998.

During high school and college, Randy had observed his physician father, who had started to practice medicine a new way. An ENT surgeon and allergy specialist, Randy’s dad recognized that surgery or medication wasn’t always the necessary or best treatment for many of his patients. Instead, many started to get better by applying principles of Lifestyle Medicine. Seeing the often dramatic transformation in the lives of his father’s patients and in the work satisfaction of his father was a source of inspiration to Randy.

After completing his Internship and Family Practice Residency at Womack Army Medical Center, Randy served his country and the military community with 9 years of active duty in the USAF. During this time, he was a “regular” doctor, treating patients in the traditional western manner. It did not take him long to realize his dad was right – managing illness once it had set in was not the best approach to manage and maintain health.

Dr. James completed his board certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and went on to establish True Life Medicine (TLM), a Functional Medicine clinic nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Today, he and his team serve patients from around the country as they work together to inspire and reward wellness efforts.

Personal Interests:
Randy lives atop a hill overlooking Woodland Park, CO and Pikes Peak with his wife and three sons.

His wife, Marcie, is a registered nurse who is passionate about serving young women and men who find themselves in unexpected situations involving pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. She serves them by providing limited OB ultrasound and STI testing and treatment. Most of all, she listens and cares, showing young people that they matter and are worth her time and effort.

The James family is very active and sports-focused. Marcie coaches soccer, and all three boys play soccer and basketball. Randy is an avid runner and an Ultimate Frisbee player. When not working or playing, you will find him devouring books, from medicine to business to faith and fiction. He shares the same food pyramid as Kevin!



James’ primary business background for the past 20 years is the lending industry, with core skills in finance, compliance, and regulations. He works with Founders Mortgage Inc, a residential and light commercial mortgage lender. James is an integral part of True Life Alliance as we brace ourselves to disrupt health care. He comes to True Life Alliance after being a patient of Dr. Randy James at True Life Medicine, where he experienced a significant life change with total body care. James was diagnosed several years ago with Celiac Disease and has had struggles with his health ever since.

Dr. Randy James was able to treat James through his Functional Medicine approach with great results. James lost over 55 pounds with lifestyle changes such as specific dietary changes, including supplements, changes to the way he exercises, and changes in rest and relaxation. James is excited to help take this approach to the masses via incentive-based, medical cost sharing, where when we save, you save. The financial incentives are a great aspect, but the larger impact is feeling better and having better health, which leads to a more productive and enjoyable life. These are truly lifestyle changes available for anyone seeking to improve their health and their lives for the better. No one will ever have perfect health, but we can all improve to have our best health now. James and his wife along with their six children live high up in the Rocky Mountains. They enjoy many activities together as a family: hiking, fishing, golfing, swimming, sports, traveling, church activities, and playing games at home.

Eliza Miller

Director Customer Service

Eliza is part of our customer service team and represents the upcoming generation who are just leaving home, and in need of affordable, practical healthcare. She is a customer service enthusiast and health and wellness advocate. Her training ground? Being the fourth child of co-founder Kevin Miller’s nine children. She grew up learning wellness, business and caring for others. Currently pursuing her own path in the holistic wellness realm, her focus is plant-based nutrition in the name of health, compassion, and environmental sustainability. Her passions include hiking, mountains, cats, weight training, Christmas, backpacking, music, and peanut butter. A few of her future goals are to see as much of the world as possible while learning new ways to cook delicious, gourmet, plant based food (maybe alongside a few cats). She has a deep drive to spread knowledge among her generation of issues regarding health, cruelty, & environmental stability in order to create a more conscious, educated, and loving future. She is here to help grow True Life Alliance into the leader in Reward Health.

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