Our Story

"Let's Start a Movement."

Our Story

To make a true dent in American “health care”

True Life Alliance was born of the friendship and shared passion of Randy James, MD and Kevin Miller. With a shared passion for inspiring people to better health and wellness so they can live lives free to walk out their individual callings, Randy and Kevin joined forces to bring Functional Medicine and incentivized health care to America.

True Life Alliance was created from a desire to make a true dent in American “health care”.

“We both have big families and businesses to run, and our wives have their own careers as well. We have every reason to be ‘too busy’ and not spend the time and energy investing in our health and our families. But we do. We work hard to organize our lives to buy and cook natural whole foods – every day. Our kids take dinner leftovers to school. We spend more than most on the best foods. We  recognize the value and necessity of exercise and strive to create that culture in our families. We put a premium on sleep and protect our rhythm of life. Then the question dawned on us – why are we paying the same premiums for our health care insurance as those who pay less attention to working on their own health?”

Kevin and Randy live and work in Woodland Park, CO, a high mountain town in the Rockies and the headquarters of True Life Alliance. They work in adjoining offices, strive to enjoy short sunshine lunches on the deck; and their kids are best friends. Randy can do more pull-ups and has a lower body fat percentage. Kevin can run faster and has healthier telomeres. Both are training for their True Life.

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