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Trust Is Paramount

When it comes to your health and medical concerns, trust is paramount. You want unwavering confidence in the foundation and infrastructure of any company you would choose. True Life Alliance has brought together proven providers and industry leaders to formulate a team worthy of your trust. We know the fear that surrounds the potential of having expensive health concerns. Because your trust is so paramount, we have made it the number one priority in our business to earn and keep that trust.

We have brought together a team of established and trusted companies to create the dynamic opportunity you now have before you. Our partners share our deep concerns about the catastrophic rise in the costs of chronic illness and disease in America, and they have established businesses built on providing a solution to the problem instead of cashing in on managing the symptoms.

Each company showcased below was intimately vetted for their proven history of excellence, solid credibility, and corporate vision.

The Institute For Functional Medicine

The premier international academic body for clinical licensure in Functional Medicine.

True Life Alliance co-founder Randolph James, MD, IFMCP, ABFM is fully certified with IFM and is a leading Functional Medicine innovator and practitioner in America.

Medical Cost Sharing

Sedera Health

Established in 2014, Sedera is a pioneer and industry leader in Medical Cost Sharing. After seeing over 30 years of proven viability in the religious sector, they are the first company to bring the proven sharing model mainstream.

Sedera provides Medical Cost Sharing to over 260 American companies (employer groups only) in 45 states, encompassing thousands of members. As a paid member of True Life Alliance an individual can feel confident to join a large, established Community.

Nutritional Supplements

Ortho Molecular Products

One of the top five professional grade supplement manufacturers and a true champion of Functional Medicine.

We chose Ortho as our partner based on their excellence in the area of supplement efficacy (read more here) and their advocacy of our incentivized health care initiative.

HSA Qualification

Apex Management Group

Their slogan says it well, “Providing benefits solutions for those seeking to neutralize the volatile healthcare marketplace.”

As we innovate new solutions, Apex has invested heavily to join us in our quest to provide an industry-leading product. Our partnership offers the first general public Medical Cost Sharing product that is HSA qualifying.

Personal Development

Ziglar, Inc.

One of the most influential organizations in personal development over the past three decades, reported to have influenced over 250 million people worldwide.

True Life Protect co-founder, Kevin Miller, is host of the top business podcast, The Ziglar Show. Healthy living is far more about personal change than mere knowledge, and harnessing behavioral psychology is vital to the mission of True Life Protect.

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