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Do any of these fit you? Do you..

  • Cook whole, natural foods more than you eat out?
  • Buy foods with attention to truly natural, organic, whole, and GMO free?
  • Realize fast food is not actually…food?
  • Rarely have a need for traditional doctors and pharmaceuticals?
  • Frequently exercise and make movement a priority?
  • Put a premium on quality sleep?
  • Have awareness of the effect of too much screen time?
  • Realize the state of your mind impacts your body and vice versa (the mind-body connection)?
  • Take personal responsibility for your health and wellness?

Does this sound like you or your family?  If so, on to the next step…

Is There A Catch?

The community does not share pre-existing conditions, i.e. diagnosed conditions, observable symptoms or treatments occurring within the past 36 months. We know this generates a lot of questions. Feel free to click here for details on “pre-existing” and many of the frequently asked questions. Ultimately, sharing works well for people who have fewer medical costs and just want secure health care ready in case of accidents, emergencies, and unexpected illnesses.

The average American family is paying $18,000 annually in health insurance premiums and often goes years without using it at all. These families could simply pay $6,720 annually (40-49 years old, $1,500 IUA) for the “just in case” big need, which is exactly what health coverage is intended for. Then they can pay the smaller, maintenance expenses for their health and wellness out of pocket.

Earn Your Way Down

When you first get car insurance, there is an initial rate based upon your age and the type of car you are driving. Over time, your rate will decrease 1) As you age, 2) if you do not make claims and 3) do not have driving infractions. Simple! All other insurance works the same – you pay a certain rate based upon your individual risk factor.

Not so with health insurance, where American regulations will not allow a company to charge a person with a lower health risk less, or a person with a higher health risk, more. This is why you are currently paying an exorbitant amount for your health coverage even though you seldom have a need.

True Life ProtectTM is a Reward HealthTM company, benefiting you based on your lessor personal health risks. Every 6-12 months as our health-inclined members have fewer medical needs, we have the opportunity to lower the monthly shares. As we save, you save!

Join The Tribe

Joining the Team Membership is required for True Life Protect enrollees, but discounted by $10. If you want family members to participate in our private members’ community with their own profile, you may add them for a mere $1. As a member, you have access to a community of like-minded people living healthy lifestyles. You will learn how you can cut your monthly health costs by as much as 60%, be able to purchase professional-grade nutritional supplements not available to the general public, and get assistance in building an individualized Functional Medicine plan.

Launching September 15, 2019

What Is My Cost?
IUA = Initial Unsharable Amount for each medical event.



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