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The New Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

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IUA = Initial Unsharable Amount for each medical event.


Are you a candidate for True Life Protect – Medical Cost Sharing?

Are you a candidate for True Life Protect – Medical Cost Sharing?

The New Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

Calculate Your Cost Now

IUA = Initial Unsharable Amount for each medical event.


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Don’t Settle For High Health Care Costs

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True Life Protect rewards you for your investments in a healthier lifestyle. If you have traditional health insurance that you rarely use, this is for you. Save hundreds of dollars every month and rest assured you are safe if the accident, emergency or unexpected illness happens!

Medical Cost Sharing

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The Medical Cost Sharing model has been in existence for over 30 years.


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Stephane & Alison Roy

As Chiropractors, we have been in the business of wellness for over 15 years, and our own health and wellness has always been a top priority.  We seldom, if ever, have any medical expenses.  But, we do have to be covered for the big, what if, unexpected event.  For years we paid ridiculously high premiums to insurance companies, never receiving any discounts for our top notch health and fitness levels.  What we love about True Life Protect is how they not only share our wellness ethos, but they reward us in the form of lower monthly out of pocket costs.  It is an incredible option for us as well as for our patient base.  By referring our patients to True Life Protect, we not only help them save a dramatic amount of money, but they can use a portion of those savings on other wellness expenses, such as the care they receive at our office.  It is truly a win-win!  For as we all know, our financial well being is such a big part of overall wellness!

Body Works Chiropractic

Ray Walkowski (62)

“I’m self-employed and have always paid for my own health insurance. I enrolled in True Life Protect back in February of 2018 and have saved over $1300 per month. That is a significant savings, that I am able to use to invest back into my wellness, and set aside a reserve for the occasional doctor and lab visits, while having the assurance that if I have a big medical issue, I’m supported through a medical cost sharing plan. I invest in my health and am thrilled to have someone reward me for that.”

Kent Rapp (57)

“Leaving my job, I lost a health insurance plan. The options to get my own were exorbitant. I’ve been a patient of Functional Medicine for four years and am in the best health of my life. Finding True Life Protect was a huge win for me.”

Jeff Hunter N.P. (43), Anna Hunter (42), and kids Kathryn & Ellianna

Jeff – “As a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner, I’m in the business of helping people get healthier, and reduce their health risks. They should be rewarded with lower health care costs, so I not only promote True Life Protect to my patients, my family and I have been enrolled for a year already and take great comfort in knowing we are saving a thousand dollars per month from traditional insurance and have a safety net if a big medical problem should occur. Plus we are part of something we believe in.”

Upstream Functional Medicine

Lora Jean Allen (36)

“Investing in my health is a priority, especially after being a Registered Nurse for 10 years. Every day I see the benefit and consequences of health, or lack thereof. What True Life Protect stands for is so much of what I believe in. I’ve never had a big medical need, but know I’ve got to be prepared for the possibility. I also can’t get anything remotely this affordable in traditional insurance, which I don’t trust. I’m now a certified Functional Medicine coach as well, helping other people achieve their best wellness!”

Brent Phillips (51), Leah Phillips and four children

Brent – “I have a large family and run a large non-profit organization, Cherish Uganda. We had health insurance with United Health Care, paying $2,300 per month in premiums with a $5,000 family deductible. That’s an annual expense of $32,600 for something we rarely use. I also provided health care for an employee. The expense was a huge hit on our family and the ministry, but in today’s world we have to be covered in case of a big medical expense. I switched us to True Life Protect and am literally saving $1,788 per month – $21,456 per year! I can also put in the max allowance into an HSA and still be way ahead of the game. And if there is an accident, emergency or unexpected illness I will only spend $1,500 out of pocket. We have security at a reasonable expense. I only wish I’d found this a long time ago.”

Cherish Uganda

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